Latest in Casino Trends

Latest in Casino Trends

Latest in Casino Trends

The gambling industry was one of the first to make a major move online, and over the last few decades, the gamble has certainly paid off, as now it is worth over $81 billion and rising.

Sites like have a full range of online casino games and pokies to suit all tastes and styles of players. Safe and secure, games are playable over all platforms, which means you can enjoy your favorites whenever or wherever you happen to be, which ticks all the boxes for many people today.

Some Interesting Gambling Facts

  • The Gambling Industry is ready to top $150 billion by 2028.
  • In the United States, 6% of college students account for those who have a gambling issue affecting more men than women.
  • The World’s smallest casino is in the back of a London cab. The Grosvenor Casino has a mobile casino in the back of a cab, and it’s complete with a gambling table, a dealer, a bar, and a TV that shows sports. As long as players make a charitable donation, the cab can go anywhere in the city, or they can enter the casino for free.
  • Most players believe that most big-money wins are made at the table, but Las Vegas World War 2 veteran Elmer Sherman won an amazing $4.6 million from a pokies machine at the Mirage in 1989. Although this was an amazing amount of money, Elmer was not content and made it his mission to win another big jackpot, which he did in 2005 after scooping a massive $21.1 million at the Cannery.

Predicted Trends for the Gambling Sector

As the trend towards online gambling continues with increased interest from middle-aged users, the sector still faces challenges like any other industry, especially with ID and KYC verification.

The KYC verification procedure is in place to enable companies to evaluate their customer’s profiles and to keep a check out for any suspicious behavior like money laundering or terrorism financing. Using this type of verification lowers the risk of identity theft and fraud.

There will always be a criminal element, and fraudsters use duplicate accounts using screenshots instead of a real-time face. As the world, in general, becomes increasingly digital, scammers are refining their craft and using techniques to gain access to confidential information. Non-compliance penalties have resulted in fines totalling £184,5000.00 in fines to date.

The Decline of The Land Based Casino

Land-based venus has declined for a while, but everything changed during Lockdown. It is easier and more convenient for people to create an online account, and once you have one, you can source your games whilst on the move. We all lead busy lives, so enjoying a game or two without going to a land-based casino is preferable for today’s gambler.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality

Although some quarters believe that IoT and Virtual Reality have the power to disrupt the gambling industry, others believe this statement to be untrue. Even though VR headsets have steadily grown in popularity, many players simply cannot use them due to VR sickness or wish to play a game via their mobile devices.

Of course, it would be exciting to enter a virtual casino and experience interaction with other players worldwide without travelling out of their homes.

Trends change and those that can diversify and adapt to changing trends will succeed and remain above water in such a competitive industry.

The online gambling industry has shown that it can adapt. As legislation adapts and evolves to meet the needs of companies and players, it’s certain that there will always be a place for online casino games, pokies, and live online casinos.

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