Legendary Rappers That Like To Gamble

Legendary Rappers That Like To Gamble

Legendary Rappers That Like To Gamble

Legendary Rappers That Like To Gamble: The rap game has some great artists that have blessed the crowd with some fire tracks and albums. Some of these fan favorites are known for a flashy and bizarre lifestyles. They harbor some expensive habits and some pretty interesting hobbies, and one of them is gambling.

Most of these legendary rappers have made it from rags to riches so it should come as no surprise if some of them use any means to increase their wealth. Gambling is one of the ways they can do that and some of today’s living rap legends don’t shy away from it. In that regard, here are some iconic rappers that like to gamble:

P Diddy

Sean Combs, also known as P Diddy, is known for his extravagant lifestyle. He was the one who
introduced one of the biggest names in rap in the 90s – the Notorious B.I.G. Diddy remains a prominent figure in rap today as he never stopped bringing many talents to the spotlight.
When he has some free time Diddy likes to gamble. He likes his blackjack and whenever he’s in Vegas he likes to visit the high-stakes tables. He also doesn’t shy away from playing at online casinos that have a lot more to offer than land-based ones.
Besides many variants of blackjack, these sites offer plenty of pokers and slots as well as a generous
amount of bonuses and prizes. All players are given a shot at the prize but in most cases it’s the skill that pays off which is why someone like Diddy might visit these sites.


This next rapper is one of the many talents that made it through thanks to Diddy. Nelly’s name is forever in the hearts of fans and his songs are hits that have stood the test of time. Two of his most notable ones are “Hot in here” and “Dilemma” featuring Kelly Rowland.
When he’s not in the studio making his next hit song, he likes to play poker. Despite the game not going in his favor he can still be seen as a regular at the PokerStars European Casino poker Excursion circuit. Maybe he’ll get lucky the next time he decides to play poker.

50 Cent

This is one of the names that anyone instantly recognizes as a legendary rapper. If you look at any chart of the greatest hip-hop songs of all times you’re bound to have one of his songs in it. 50 has many hits that have turned into classics over time and like the rest entries on this list he also likes to gamble.
Unlike the previous rappers, he doesn’t have a favorite game he plays or site he goes to. Instead, 50
Cent is known for making outrageous bets and some of them feature his friend Mr. Mayweather. Back in 2007 he wagered a million dollars that his friend Floyd Mayweather would be victorious in his fight against De La Hoya. Later, in 2012 he bet half a million on the New York Giants against the 49ers. You get the idea.

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