Shwi Mantombazane – Sengozibonela Phambili Album

Shwi Mantombazane Sengozibonela Phambili Album Download Fakaza

Shwi Mantombazane Sengozibonela Phambili Album Download Fakaza

Shwi Mantombazane Sengozibonela Phambili Album: Shwi Mantombazane has recently unveiled their highly awaited album, “Sengozibonela Phambili,” which includes 13 tracks that are bound to resonate with fans of the South African music industry.

This new release from the skilled artist assures to highlight their distinct style and musical talent. Featuring songs like “Inkolombela,” “Zinsimbi,” and “Sobuye Sixoxe,” Shwi Mantombazane presents a wide array of sounds and themes that will engage the audience. Collaborations with musicians such as Jumbo, Sne Ntuli, and Bobo Mfana Wepiki bring an additional layer of complexity and richness to the album, making it a must-listen for music lovers worldwide.

The debut of “Sengozibonela Phambili” arrives at a moment when fans are eagerly anticipating fresh music from their beloved artists, and Shwi Mantombazane does not disappoint. With a duration of more than an hour, this album pledges to lead listeners on a voyage of musical exploration and pleasure.

Fans can now stream or purchase “Sengozibonela Phambili” on various online music platforms and immerse themselves in the captivating melodies and enchanting rhythms that Shwi Mantombazane has skillfully crafted.

Do not overlook this musical masterpiece that is poised to make waves in the music industry!


1InkolombelaShwi Mantombazane4:31Released
2Yemukele (feat. Jumbo)Shwi Mantombazane4:55Released
3Sengozibonela PhambiliShwi Mantombazane5:00Released
4ZinsimbiShwi Mantombazane5:31Released
5Ngizokushiya (feat. Sne Ntuli)Shwi Mantombazane5:09Released
6Ngikhethile (feat. Bonakele)Shwi Mantombazane4:16Released
7Ngaphenduka Umbulali (feat. Bobo Mfana Wepiki)Shwi Mantombazane5:59Released
8InhluphekoShwi Mantombazane4:43Released
9IndunaShwi Mantombazane5:02Released
10Enhla Kwedolo (feat. Sne Ntuli)Shwi Mantombazane5:30Released
11Womesaba UmuntuShwi Mantombazane4:43Released
12Sobuye SixoxeShwi Mantombazane4:40Released
13BayakhulumaShwi Mantombazane5:51Released
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